Red Rash on Face - Rosacea Symptoms and Solutions

Out of all the pain and humiliation that come with rosacea, some are more debilitating than the perspective to spend the day with a red face.

Rosacea stinks. The itch. The sparkling warmth. But the embarrassment, be always with red rash on face and the fact that it usually takes an area of the body that you can not just hide (the face), is just too much.

You can find some comfort with the knowledge that you are not alone. An estimated 14 million Americans are suffering from rosacea, including some celebrities like Bill Clinton, Mariah Carey and Rosie O'Donnell. Do these names sound familiar? They are all inclined to rosacea.

According to the National Rosacea Society, 74% of rosacea sufferers have canceled public events because of an outbreak. This is a satire. More than that, it is not necessary.

Rosacea Relief Serum is a scientifically formulated and effective solution of rosacea. It is incurable, but there is relief. Manufacturers of Rosacea Relief Serum believe that you can minimize the symptoms of rosacea and prevent outbreaks in the first place with a little knowledge, confidence and good planning. And in this article you learn how to get rid of a red face and ultimately to chase away it completely.

First, we take a closer look at some common symptoms of rosacea. These include:

  • Red rash on face
  • Irrigation
  • Bumps and pustules
  • visible blood vessels
  • Eye irritation
  • Burning or stinging
  • dry appearance
  • Skin thickening
  • Swelling

Note that these symptoms are not always at once, but an outbreak is always accompanied by at least one of these symptoms. Of the millions of people suffering from rosacea, many are not aware that they are vulnerable. You are inclined for rosacea if you have fair skin and are prone to redness. Rosacea is more common in women than men, also meets people who are overweight.

Rosacea relates mainly the face, with redness on the nose, skin, cheeks and forehead. Uncommon it will appear on the back, neck or chest.

Although the cause of rosacea remains unknown, there are several theories. One hypothesis is that rosacea is a disorder of the blood vessels. Another is, that rosacea is damage to the connective tissue under the skin. In any case, we know many of the factors that trigger rosacea, including:

sun and wind exposure
emotional stress
hot or cold weather
heavy exercise
alcohol consumption
hot beverages

Look solutions for the prevention of rosacea outbreak? There are several. The obvious is to avoid these triggers. Sometimes it is possible, and sometimes it is not. You can not control the weather, but you can control your alcohol consumption, or the consumption of hot drinks. You can learn stress management techniques to manage stress. And you can limit heavy exercise.

After these words, it is neither necessary to prevent outbreaks of rosacea, yet it is fine if you do like coffee or glass of wine. Moderation helps, of course, as well as your basic physiology. Use discretion when alcohol triggers your rosacea outbreaks.

You could also do well, if you get medical advice. A doctor may prescribe medications that reduce symptoms of rosacea. Sometimes they are effective. There are also surgical procedures in which doctors remove the blood vessels responsible for redness in the nose and face. New laser technology could also help.

A less intrusive method, but just as effective and affordable is Rosacea Relief Serum. Scientifically formulated with the latest skin care technology, including Renovage that is clinically proven to reduce the symptoms of rosacea in 90% of patients, rosacea relief serum reduces red rash on face, inflammation, varicose veins and the embarrassment that comes with them.

More than that, Rosacea Relief Serum is specially formulated for people with hyper-sensitive skin, means that it will not trigger an outbreak. You also find out that Rosacea Relief Serum can prevent even outbreaks from starting. All this without the need for a doctor's prescription or inflated invoices, which are associated with it.

Rosacea Relief Serum alleviates the symptoms of rosacea and makes people feel good about their skin, their face, their life. In combination with the perception of symptoms and the triggers of rosacea, it is a more effective, discreet and affordable way to get a rosacea-free life!

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