The Botox Alternative - Visibly Reduce The Appearance Of Stretch Marks

Have you ever thought about what causes your skin to age? Do you suspect that you woke up someday and your skin became wrinkled and creased in a single night. They are natural to the aging process. The skin is getting thinner and creases become visible. The sun is likely to enhance the aging process and it can result in unwanted aging to the face as well as other body parts that have been exposed.

Also repeated eye movements like the squinting and grinning leads to wrinkles and lines along with other facial grimaces. There are a couple of things that you can do to reduce the aging process and turn back the clock.

In cases where you are manage to stay away from the sun, precaution is your best remedy. If you do run out under the sun, you should definitely have sunscreen lotion on all exposed areas of the body. The ill side effects of the sunlight happen year round. If you have to work outdoor, dress in a hat that will help shade your face.

Diet is vital. Eat plenty of whole grain foods, fruits and veggies and drink more water. If you drink four glasses of water daily you are hydrating your skin to ensure that it stays elastic. You may want to include olive oil to your daily diet because it also helps your skin maintain softness.

You can also help your skin by cleaning your face each day. It is far from recommended that you scrub your face but remove all make up and softly wash your skin at night. When you are drying your face, softly pat the area instead of scrubbing it.

Also you might like to consider taking steps to help enhance your skin's overall look. For those who are not using, you really should use a daily moisturizing cream. This helps keep the skin smooth and hydrated. I found it also enhance the look of your face and it will minimize wrinkles. After you clean out your face in the evening, you should use a moisturizer that will work at the time you are sleeping. On the next day apply moisturizing lotion before putting on your make-up.

Should you have a specific area that you like to focus on as an example the skin around your eyes you may want to try an eye cream. Also be very gentle with your skin, you should not scrub it or apply very much pressure because it will cause wrinkles. It is advisable to apply moisturizer by tapping it on.

In addition there are some skin care professionals that promote many supplements that claim to minimize and reduce wrinkles. They can easily be acquired through your doctor or without a prescription.

Of course, there are plastic surgeons available that will offer Botox treatments and face lifts. However, you will most certainly pay a high price for these services. Fortunately there are a far more cheaper and less intrusive Botox alternative. Eyelasticity™ Age-Defying Eye Therapy is a safe and powerful way to reduce dark circles, puffiness, crow's feet and laugh lines. How powerful? In a recent clinical study, 70% of participants reported noticeable effects in just 14 days.
Benefits of Eyelasticity Include:
  • reduced crow's feet and laugh lines
  • improved texture and color under the eyes
  • less puffiness and bagging
  • fewer wrinkles

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