Eyelasticity and How to Reduce Eye Bags

Some people look like zombies. They are the ones with bags under the eyes, and they look as if they've been up all night. So it happens that some of us get bags sooner than others? For several reasons.
Eye bags are part of the aging process in which the tissues that hold the fat deposits under the eyes, are weaker. Over time, skin loses its elasticity and the bags are getting bigger. And while the speed at which this happens is often hereditary, some of the lifestyle-factors accelerate the process.
Does that soften the blow? Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy says it should, because it means that the dreaded bags under the eyes and "tired" look are manageable and within your control. And in this article we will review what you can do to reduce them, and how Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy can help you to achieve it.
Lifestyle factors
Sleep With Your Head Elevated - When you sleep, fluid can accumulate under the eyes and help eye bags and puffiness. Sleeping on your back and head on two pillows elevates the face while you relax and reduce fluid retention under the eyes.
Avoid Fluids Before Bedtime - Speaking of sleep, try not to drink before you retire for the evening. With less fluid in the system while using it to build less fluid and swelling to rest.
Avoid Salty Snacks - foods high in salt can increase water retention and the effect is magnified, while you relax when you slow down your metabolism to a crawl.
Drink plenty of water (daytime) - It sounds ironic, considering we just discussed, such as water retention can cause eye bags, but the name of the game here is to drink during the day. Your body needs water to flush toxins and keep the skin firm and healthy.
Green Tea Bags - One of the most famous fairy tales you have heard, cold green tea bags can, in fact, reduce puffiness. Chalk it can reduce up to an anti-inflammatory chemical called EGCG, the accumulation of fluid, and tighten the delicate skin in this area. Not in green tea? Use a piece of cucumber instead.
Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy
The above tips can reduce eye bags, and it is true that some bulging more than others and are affected at an earlier age. But it is inevitable that catching up at a certain point, father time, for all of us. You will develop bulging at some point. Is there a solution? Actually there is.
Eyelasticity™ is a gentle yet effective formulation of natural ingredients with proven patented Swiss-derived peptides, including Eyeseryl®, Syn®-ake, Regu®-age and ProCollONe+. They are great for the skin in this delicate area. And if they are combined, they have magical things.
In a recent clinical study Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy reduced puffiness under the eyes in 95% of study participants. Seventy percent of the subjects saw improvement in less than two weeks and had under eyes bags of 32 percent.
Kinda One wonders why raise someone to spend $ 6,000 for a surgical eye, does not it?
Less intrusive than surgery and much more affordable Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy is a safe and effective way to getting rid of under eye bags and the "tired" look. We think it will take years off your appearance, for a happier, more beautiful you!

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